We collaborate to create a just world based on peace, resilience and respect for Earth's systems.

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The Neahtawanta Center The Neahtawanta Center works toward environmental sustainability and community resilience, upholding nonviolence and respect for all life. Right-sized, nimble, and responsive, the Neahtawanta Center has for more than 30 years served as a focus and facilitator of progressive Earth-centered education and activism, primarily in the Grand Traverse Region. With long experience, the Center is able to organize quickly and collaboratively around matters of concern. NREC collaborates with other local groups on activities and events, such as: speakers, rallies and marches on environmental, peace and justice issues; raising awareness on human rights concerns; and defending minority rights, including the LGBTQ community.

Current projects include:

Sponsoring workshops on issues relating to our mission such as: men’s and women’s retreats, nonviolence trainings, yoga workshops, end of life issues, community resilience and other topics related to our mission of creating a resilient, healthy and peaceful world. (link to events page)

The Beloved Community Network, launched in 2017 by NREC: connecting individuals and organizations who work to promote open dialogue, inclusion, civility, respect for all life, and celebration of diversity. Through the network, members can collaborate and support each others’ projects, activities and events. When a critical mass is needed to stand up, speak out, and defend human rights, the network serves to spread the word.

NREC sponsors annual events, such as:

the Summer and Winter Solstice Gatherings, which are held at the Neahtawanta Community Supported Inn, the Center's home

The August Hiroshima Candle Float on the Boardman River