Oryana Community Co-op has grown from a back porch grain-sharing cooperative amongst a small, impassioned group of local citizens to a $17 million, 10,000 square foot grocery store, wellness department and café located in the heart of Traverse City. It is a leader in local food sourcing, buying fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, eggs and more from more than 100 farmers and producers in a 100-mile radius, investing nearly $3 million in the local agricultural economy annually. In order to serve people of diverse income levels, Oryana accepts the Bridge Card, is a proud participant in the Double Up Food Bucks program and provides tips for anyone interested in how to eat healthy whole foods on a budget. As the first co-op in the country to be named a Certified Organic Retailer, Oryana maintains its focus on whole foods and the freshest organic produce and is often a frequent stop on a patient’s road to health.

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