Buckets of Rain

Buckets of Rain was formed in 2007 and has practiced survival horticulture in Africa, Central America and now, predominantly Detroit/Highland Park. One of our goals is to grow vegetables under conditions not thought possible; for people whose lives are negatively impacted by lack of access.

In 2012 we redirected 95% of our assets and energies to Detroit/Highland Park in areas we deemed in greater need than anything we'd previously seen abroad.

We have re-purposed about 2 acres of abandoned city land into the production of 100,000 servings per year. We support the Detroit Rescue Mission, Cass Community Social Services and others in Detroit, as well as taking food to the Empire Food Pantry and the Goodwill Inn locally. We benefit from 5000 volunteer hours annually, planting, harvesting, and distributing fresh vegetables for free.

We also created an inner city program called "Clinic to Farm to Table" where we work with free health clinics to provide patients (that suffer from diet related health issues) a steady and reliable source of free, healthy food.


Child and Family Services of Northwestern Michigan

Child and Family Services of Northwestern Michigan is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving 20+ counties in northern Michigan. Since opening in 1937, the organization has provided foster care and adoption services to our region. Over the years, the organization has grown to respond to the community's changing needs, adding counseling, supervised visitation and exchange, intensive family preservation, and more to its roster of programs. In January 2014, Child and Family Services merged with Third Level Crisis Intervention Center and since then provides 24/7 suicide prevention, crisis counseling, and general information & referrals through our Third Level Crisis Unit. Child and Family Services also operates Pete’s Place, the region’s only youth shelter, and offers outreach and support to struggling teens. In 2018, in response to community need, Child and Family Services launched a social enterprise program, YouthWork, which provides job skills, mentoring, and educational support to youth and young adults. YouthWork is an AmeriCorps program.


Citizens' Climate Lobby

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization empowering people to experience breakthroughs exercising their personal and political power. Our chapter is just one of hundreds of chapters across the world working to create the political will for a livable world.

We are laser focused on a specific piece of legislation and a proven strategy to gain its passage. We are working for the passage of Carbon Fee and Dividend, the climate change solution economists and climate scientists alike say is the “best first-step” to preventing the worst impacts of a warming world.

Our market-based Carbon Fee and Dividend policy will drastically reduce emissions, create jobs, and support small businesses and families — all without growing government.

We’ve seen firsthand how passionate citizens who are well-trained, organized by district and with a good system of support can more than influence the political process.


Conflict Resolution Services

At CRS, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality professional dispute resolution services. Whether it’s a simple matter or a complex multi-party issue, you can be assured that our team of mediators, arbitrators, facilitators, and trainers is qualified to deliver the expert services that you need.


Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology

Founded in 2005, Crosshatch explores the intersections of art and ecology. Crosshatch began because of co-founders Brad and Amanda Kik's shared belief that the arts and ecology are intertwined and essential to enriching community.


Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology builds strong communities through the intersections of art, farming, ecology and economy.


Crosshatch envisions communities that are grounded in place: where people connect through stories, music, art, shared work, and food, and where the economy and culture are rooted in restoration of the earth and its people.


Disability Network Northern Michigan

At Disability Network, it’s in our power to change everything, from individual lives to the wider community. We help people with disabilities and their families lead more productive lives in Northern Lower Michigan. But our efforts don’t just benefit them. They help everyone, with and without disabilities, who lives in, works in, or passes through our community. It’s our mission to promote personal empowerment and positive social change for people with disabilities.


Earthwork Music

The Earthwork Music collective believes in the intrinsic and historical power of music to raise both community and self-awareness and serves to facilitate and encourage original music in the state of Michigan and beyond.


FLOW: For Love Of Water

The Great Lakes belong to all of us.

Water is our common heritage that belongs to all of us and is owned by no one. Applying public trust policies to our current threats, FLOW and other partners will work together to preserve this heritage and chart a new and better course for our generation and generations to come.

Everything we do is reflected in our name: For Love of Water or simply “FLOW.” Our mission is to safeguard the Great Lakes, the planet’s largest freshwater lake system and the very lifeblood of the Midwest, by advancing public trust solutions and cutting-edge policy work. Through our targeted policy initiatives, FLOW has built key partnerships with state and regional Great Lakes groups, leveraged our expertise to influence agencies and impact state and federal legislation, and grown to be a trusted source of current information on issues affecting our freshwater seas.


Glen Arbor Sun

The Glen Arbor Sun is a free newsprint magazine published 12 times a year between mid-May and December, and distributed throughout Leelanau County. The online version, GlenArbor.com, publishes content throughout the year. Advertising inquiries, comments, suggestions, critiques, articles, photos, poems, and letters are welcome. ©1996-2018 Glen Arbor Sun, all rights reserved.


Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities

Groundwork is optimistic about Michigan’s future. Our unparalleled natural resources and our deeply rooted agricultural heritage are assets to be enjoyed and protected. We envision a state with a strong and diversified economy that offers opportunities for people from all walks of life: new jobs throughout the state in clean energy and agriculture; towns and cities that are vibrant, exciting centers of community, arts, culture, and commerce; and more options to get around with a diverse transportation infrastructure that makes it easy to choose walking, biking, public transit, or access to a well-maintained road network. People will move to Michigan, or return home, to enjoy all the state has to offer and to raise the next generations of bright, industrious, and proud Michiganders.

Groundwork is committed to realizing this vision through strategically selected campaigns, initiatives, and projects. We focus our work in northwest Michigan because the region’s entrepreneurial spirit, culture of collaboration, and successful track record of joining economic growth and environmental protection make it a proving ground for innovation and possibility. We believe northwest Michigan will play an essential role in leading the state to prosperity.


Hope for Life Mental Health

We are Mental Health Wellness Advocates and Educators.

Hope for Life has partners with leading mental health educators and agencies, employers and dedicated national organizations to help fulfill a common mission. Our organization brings mental health education, and wellness workshops to communities in Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan.

Our Education Programs:
- Teach how to recognize signs and signals of mental illness, disorders, and challenges
- Offer Compassionate Listening, Anti-Bullying, and Essentials of Mental Health Workshops
- Provide Family Support Coaching, Life Coaching, and Communication Strategies Coaching

Through our Programs, we Help People:
- Learn how to build trust and create safety
- Learn how to support your families and loved ones
- Teach what it means to be a Mental Health Advocate
- Maintain Self-Care Plans, and Daily Wellness Toolkits


Justice and Peace Advocacy Center (JPAC)

JPAC seeks to educate and raise awareness among the general population, support solidarity projects, and provide emergency and limited social services according to Catholic Social Doctrine.
Our work seeks to benefit the immigrant, migrant and seasonal worker community of Northern Michigan, but also includes the low-income community at large of Northern Michigan.


Justice For Our Neighbors

Justice For Our Neighbors Michigan is an organization of free immigration legal clinics with offices in different regions of the state. We offer high quality legal services and are a safe haven for immigrants, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. In northern Michigan, the JFON office is located in Traverse City and that is where many of our legal clinics are held. With the support of Rotary Charities and Northsky Nonprofit Network, JFON is in a capacity building phase. Currently, we are forming partnerships with agencies, organizations, and faith communities in other counties of northern Michigan to bring our immigration legal services to more people in need throughout the region. The other parts of our mission are community education and advocacy for immigrant rights.


Meta Peace Team

Meta peace teams are an amazing group of individuals trained to deescalate violence. META PEACE TEAM (MPT) empowers people to engage in active nonviolent peacemaking. MPT was started in 1993 as Michigan Peace Team, in response to the growing need for civilian peace-makers both in the U.S. and abroad. Since that time, we have moved far beyond (in the Greek, Meta) the borders of Michigan.

MPT offers nonviolence training workshops and provide opportunities to join peace teams.

We seek a just world grounded in nonviolence and respect for the sacred interconnectedness of all life.


Mideast JustPeace

Formed in 2002, Mideast:JustPeace is an educational-activist organization providing a voice for the Palestinian resistance, the anti-Occupation Israelis and Americans who oppose the current U.S. /Israeli policies in the Middle East. Many in the greater Traverse City area have been to Palestine/Israel and know that what we are learning by way of U.S. media is biased, incomplete, and inaccurate. MidEast:JustPeace attempts through education and action-oriented activities to have an impact on these issues.


New Waves UCC Church

​​​​​​​New Waves UCC is a progressive Christian community in Traverse City, Michigan.

We intentionally welcome all into full participation of our ministry--especially those who may have felt excluded from more traditional churches, including the LGBTQ community. We offer same gender weddings in Traverse City.

Our history as part of the United Church of Christ goes back to early advocacy for religious freedom, the abolition of slavery, the ordination of women and celebration of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

We strive to offer Jesus' message of hope, healing and wholeness and to advocate for all creation, justice, peace, reconciliation and attention to the vulnerable.

We believe God has uniquely gifted each person, and we seek to share our gifts with others in community.


Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council

Clean water, unpolluted air, friendly villages, rural landscapes, abundant wildlife and lovely scenery are qualities that have brought us together in this unique place. They make possible a healthy lifestyle, a vibrant regional economy and a hope that our grandchildren can return and find intact the qualities we have enjoyed.

In 2009, NMEAC launched the Environmental Legacy Fund as a vehicle to provide critical resources for legal assistance to citizens groups, concerned citizens and environmental and conservation organizations working to make sure these values are protected.

Since its inception in 1980, the NMEAC has taken the lead in this effort. In the 1980s, we sued to keep a massive shopping mall out of downtown Traverse City and sued twice again to force suburban mall developers to comply with environmental laws. In the 1990s, we led the movement to save the Crystal River and prevented massive overdevelopment of pristine North Fox Island off the shores of Leelanau County.

The pace accelerated in the 2000s with successful action to stop the Hammond-Hartman Boardman River Bridge and Bypass Project. That success opened the way for the Grand Vision process which has engaged tens of thousands of local citizens in mapping out a future that enhances, rather than exploits, our environmental riches.

The Environmental Legacy Fund will expand NMEAC’s capacity to fill its unique niche as a catalyst for grassroots citizen action protecting the environmental quality of Northern Michigan.


Oryana Natural Foods Market

Oryana Community Co-op has grown from a back porch grain-sharing cooperative amongst a small, impassioned group of local citizens to a $17 million, 10,000 square foot grocery store, wellness department and café located in the heart of Traverse City. It is a leader in local food sourcing, buying fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, eggs and more from more than 100 farmers and producers in a 100-mile radius, investing nearly $3 million in the local agricultural economy annually. In order to serve people of diverse income levels, Oryana accepts the Bridge Card, is a proud participant in the Double Up Food Bucks program and provides tips for anyone interested in how to eat healthy whole foods on a budget. As the first co-op in the country to be named a Certified Organic Retailer, Oryana maintains its focus on whole foods and the freshest organic produce and is often a frequent stop on a patient’s road to health.



SEEDS is a multifaceted organization that is preparing people of all ages for a better future, and has been since 1999. We implement local solutions to global issues at the intersection of ecology, education, and design. Our focus areas include training and hiring local youth for green jobs, helping businesses and municipalities achieve their green energy goals, and providing free after school programs that supplement the school day. Our programs and professional services help communities make durable decisions about their own futures.


Up North Pride

In just over 4 years, Up North Pride has seen a ten-fold growth in attendance from 300 participants in 2014 to over 5000 people in attendance during our 2017 events. Attendees come from all over our region, state and midwest to enjoy a truly grassroots, participant-driven Pride event. We hope you'll join us at one of our many events this year.


Veterans For Peace - Chapter 50

Veterans For Peace is an international organization made up of military veterans, military family members, and allies. We accept veteran members from all branches of service. We are dedicated to building a culture of peace, exposing the true costs of war, and healing the wounds of war. Our networks are made up of over 120 chapters across the United States and abroad.

Veterans for Peace also believes and exists to restrain our government from intervening in the internal affairs of other nations. End the arms race. Reduce, and eventually eliminate, nuclear weapons. Seek justice for veterans and victims of war. Abolish war as an instrument of national policy. We attempt to accomplish our mission through public displays such as marching in parades, our memorial displays on Veteran's Day and Memorial Day in the open area in Traverse City and speaking out against war in public places. We proudly wear our Chapter 50 T-shirts. We also attempt to be present at schools to present a more realistic image of military service with no disrespect to Service branch Recruiters.


Woman's Resource Center (WRC)

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is the area's primary service provider for domestic and sexual violence survivors, assisting residential and non-residential clients with support, advocacy, and immediate crisis intervention. The WRC is the acknowledged area expert on domestic violence and sexual assault and annually provides approximately 150 public awareness, prevention, education and awareness activities for allied professionals and agencies, civic groups and schools.

Mission: The Mission of the Women's Resource Center is to: protect, shelter, and empower people impacted by domestic and sexual violence.


Young Peacebuilders

Young Peacebuilders is devoted to helping more young people become more effective peacebuilders. One way we do this is through child and youth peace clubs in Michigan and around the world. Children and youth encounter many roadblocks hindering their peacebuilding potential. We work to remove these roadblocks and build bridges strengthening their peacebuilding capacity. Peacebuilding roadblocks and supports are encountered at many levels, from inside a family, to intergovernmental policy. We nurture environments where young people's peacebuilding potential is maximized. We do this by developing quality child and youth peacebuilding tools, projects, research, and partnerships.

Together, supporting more child and youth peacebuilders and increasing their impact.