Workshops, Playshops, Retreats, Talking Circles, Residencies, Confabs, Hootenannies… 

The Center is sponsoring a number of workshops and retreats on various topics. We feel more than ever the importance of gathering in small groups to accomplish tasks, to relax and renew, to share stories, enjoy nature, cook and eat good food, meditate, do yoga and more. Nothing can replace human interaction! In this time of rapid change and dire predictions of threats to life as we know it, we offer the Inn as a gathering place for sharing ideas, planning for shared action, for renewal and maintaining hope.

For the past 35 years the Inn has been used by many groups for their own planning, events, projects or retreats. We have decided to reflect and emphasize this purpose by referring to the Inn as the Neahtawanta Inn & Retreat Center. We hope you will consider using the Inn for your organizations’ gatherings or for your own personal renewal time. The overriding purpose of this place is to support people and organizations who are working for positive change in the world.

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