Smart Commute Week - FREE Breakfast Schedule

  • Monday | June 4th, 2018
  • 7:00 am

All breakfasts are scheduled from 7am-9am and are free to all Smart Commuters. You don’t have to take the challenge to join us for breakfast, you just have to smart commute!

FREE breakfast schedule:

Monday, June 4th — Kick off Breakfast!
⋅ North Peak Brewing Company, 400 W Front St, TC 49684

Tuesday, June 5th
⋅ Grand Traverse Pavilions, 1000 Pavilions Circle, TC 49684
⋅ Raduno, 545 E. Eighth St, TC 49686

Wednesday, June 6th
⋅ BATA, Hall St Transfer Station, 115 Hall St, TC 49684
⋅ The Kitchen, 1249 Woodmere Ave #B, TC 49686

Thursday, June 7th
⋅ Disability Network, 415 E Eighth St, TC 49686
⋅ Harvest, 127 S Union St, TC 49684

Friday, June 8th — Awards Ceremony Breakfast!
⋅ Oryana, 260 E Tenth Street, TC 49684
This is the final Smart Commute Week Breakfast with the Smart Commute Challenge awards ceremony.

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