Kid's Pollinator Workshop

  • Saturday | June 23rd, 2018
  • 10:00 am
  • 1500 Red Drive, Traverse City, MI

The Kid's Pollinator Workshop aims to educate the next generation of citizens on the importance of bees and inspire them to take part in the bees' preservation. Attendees can learn all about a gardener's best buzzing friends. Through exhibits, demonstrations, and crafty activities throughout TCCG, attendees can learn about the art and science behind beeswax, honey, pollination, and so much more! Watch live bees up close and in action in an enclosed hive section. Meet local beekeepers from the Grand Traverse Area Beekeeping Club, inspect and try on their equipment, and see some of the super neat products made from beeswax and honey. Make native-plant seed bombs, a homemade bee feeder, or a bee hotel. Lots of other 'bee-inspired' fun.

In partnership with the Crosshatch Beekeepers Guild of NW Lower Michigan, the Grand Traverse Area Beekeeping Club and Oryana Community Co-op.