Systems Practice Showcase

  • Monday | June 4th, 2018
  • 9:00 am
  • Traverse City Golf & Country Club, 1725 South Union Street Traverse City

Twelve local teams are ready to share the results of 10 weeks of seeing the community issue they care most about through a new systems lens. Join us for an interactive showcase, science fair style! If you've been thinking there must be a better way to solve our really messy, complex problems, or you've just been curious about Rotary Charities evolving direction - this is the morning for you. We will even give participants an advance peek at Rotary Charities brand new grant categories!

Some problems persist despite all of our best efforts to solve them. These are wicked problems like homelessness, poverty, climate change, obesity, and food security. With complex problems like these, our traditional ways of seeing and solving problems don't work and can even unintentionally make problems worse. Rotary Charities is actively learning how we can adapt our approach to inspire and support work that is aimed at making core impact within complex problems. With Rotary Charities technical support, teams of peers have taken an online course through the Omidyar Group and +Acumen, Systems Practice: An Approach to Move from Impossible to Impact. They have learned to:

See complex systems in a new way;

Find patterns;

Identify places where a small change can have a big system impact; and

Design experiments that will move toward a healthier state of the system.

Twelve local teams that have completed the course are eager to share what they've learned through an interactive showcase. Come and hear what Systems Practice is and then wander the room and view posters created by each team. Stay to hear a bit about Rotary Charities new grant categories.

Representatives from the following teams will be present to share their Systems Practice work:

Oral Health Network

Everybody Reads

Youth Homelessness

Arts Economy

Great Lakes Ecosystem Health

Torch Lake Natural Shoreline

Green Team

Food Security

Substance Abuse

Northern Michigan Diabetes Initiative

STEAM Education

Grassroots Advocacy for Healthy Communities

This event is free but registration is REQUIRED.

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